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Due to the recent development of this site I was not able to provide the collected information in english yet. However, you located this site and so I guess you are interested in some information about his person. Below I tried to assemble the hard facts on his person.
In any case you are welcome to visit the german sites. Some links below will lead you to further (german) information and material.

Some facts about him:
Adolf Noether was an artist of fine art. He lived from 1855 to 1943 in Saxony/Germany (see reference-site). Most of his work are aquarel paintings and publications for industrial purposes such as advertisments and greeting cards. He illustrated landscapes, fruits, still life objects and others (see reference-site).

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Please note:
Some inquiries are related to a woman named Emmy (Emmilia Amalie) Noether. She is a person well known for her efforts and findings on the field of mathematics and physics. She invented a special theorem. To my knowledge Emmy Noether doesn't stand in any relationship to Adolf Noether. The only thing I know about her family is her fathers name - Max Noether. I cannot provide any information on her person.